Types of Flood Water Damage

Flood Water Damage Cleanup

Leaks, flood water, and other water issues can cause a variety of types of damage to your home or building as well as your furnishings or other personal belongings. Some of these damages occur quickly, within the first few minutes after water enters a room, while other types of flood water damage will not develop until several days after the water problems first occur.

Because serious flood water damages can begin to develop and worsen before the first 24 hours has even passed, it is important to contact a professional water damage restoration company as soon as possible after any water problem in order to begin the water extraction and restoration process.

Flood Water Damage In the First Hour:

The types of flood water damage that occur within the first hour typically can’t be prevented as they occur very rapidly as the water problem develops. However, since most of these issues are minor or less serious than other flood water problems that occur later, these are not as big of a concern as some of the other problems that can develop from prolonged water exposure if water damage remediation is not performed quickly.

These initial flood water damages include:

  • Moving water spreading quickly to other areas throughout a building
  • Carpet staining from furniture, drapes, and other non-colorfast items
  • Discoloration and permanent damage to moisture sensitive furniture
  • Permanent damage to books, documents, and paper goods

Flood Water Damage in the First Day:

After the initial damage occurs from flooding or exposure to water, there are several types of flood water damage that will then occur within the first 24 hours. These types of damage are not completely irreversible, but can lead to potentially more serious problems and lasting damage if the water extraction process is not began during this time period.

Types of flood water damage occurring during this stage include:

  • Swelling and delimitation of furniture legs
  • Swelling and disintegration of pressed wood furnishings, decorative, and structural items
  • Development of a bacterial odor
  • Tarnishing of uncoated metal surfaces
  • Strengthening of normal household odors

Flood Water Damage in the First Week:

If water is not removed and dried in the first day, several more serious types of flood water damage can begin to occur in the following week. This type of damage will begin to permanently destroy furnishings and other personal belongings. Additionally, structural damage to flooring and walls can result from this stage of flood water damage as well.

The types of flood water damage that can occur during the first week include:

  • Growing of microbial organisms including mold and mildew as well as the development of a musty odor
  • Swelling and disintegration of drywall
  • Rusting of uncoated metal surfaces
  • Swelling, distorting, and delaminating of wood door and window casings
  • Swelling, warping, and splitting of wood decking and studs
  • Malfunctioning of electronic components
  • Swelling and warping of wood musical instruments
  • Development of a harsh and unsafe environment especially for those with respiratory problems or compromised immune systems

Flood Water Damage After the First Week:

If water damage restoration has not begun during the first week after a flood or major water leak occurs, then even more serious and complicated flood water damages will develop. Much of the flood water damage that occurs at this time is permanent and will require a costly and complex water damage restoration process.

The types of flood water damages that will occur and continue to worsen during this time will include:

  • Continued microbial growth including mold and mildew
  • Warping and splitting of wood furniture and structural elements
  • Dissolving, discoloration, and destruction of wood finishes as a result of the breakdown of chemicals within the wood
  • Dramatic escalation of claim and restoration costs
  • Development of serious occupant health hazards

Prevent Flood Water Damage with Water Extraction & Restoration

If your home or business has recently flooded or you are experiencing any type of water problems, contact EnviroClean in Portland, ME for water extraction and water damage restoration services. With our professional water extraction and water damage restoration services, we can resolve any water problems and help prevent major flood water damage from occurring.

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