Tips for Water Removal & Preventing Water Damage

Water Removal in Portland, ME

If you experience flooding or a major water leaks in your home or business, the best choice you can make is to hire a professional water extraction company.

Enviroclean Floorcare & Restoration will ensure the proper water extraction and restoration processes are followed, reduce the amount of damage done, and ensure safety for you and any building occupants. We are available 24 hours a day to provide emergency water removal. Call us at 207-871-7775.

Basic Water Removal Tips

After calling a professional water damage restoration company to handle your water removal process, utilize the following emergency water removal tips in order to help keep yourself safe and to limit the severity of the damage that the water does to your home or personal belongings. However, if the water in your home is contaminated from sewage, backed-up drains, or other pollutants or you are unsure of the safety of the water, you should not touch anything and should wait for the professionals to perform water removal services. This will ensure your safety and prevent the spread of contaminates and disease.

  • Encourage Air Circulation: Air circulation can encourage and promote water removal and drying. Therefore, you should increase air circulation while waiting for the experts to begin the water removal process by opening windows or turning on fans near a flooded or wet area. If the water is contaminated, do not take this step as it could spread the contamination.
  • Use a Mop & Bucket to Remove Water: If it is safe to enter the flooded or wet area, you can begin the water removal process by using a mop and bucket to soak up and remove some of the water from hard flooring surfaces.
  • Remove Belongings & Furniture: If it is safe to enter the wet area, you should move area rugs, furniture, and other belongings that you are able to lift and carry from the room to a dry area in order to encourage drying.

Emergency Checklist for Preventing Water Damage & Encouraging Water Removal

In addition to the above tips, if you experience a flood, major water leak, or other serious water problem in your home or business, the following checklist can also help prevent damage and begin the drying process while you wait for professionals to begin the complete water removal and restoration process.

  • If possible, eliminate the source of the water
  • If safe, turn off circuit breakers supplying electricity to wet areas and remove small electronic devices from the wet area
  • Avoid walking on wet carpet as much as possible to minimize damage
  • Remove small furnishings from carpet or place aluminum foil under the legs of any furniture sitting on wet carpet in order to prevent staining to the carpets
  • Keep draperies and furniture skirts from coming into contact with wet floors as water can climb these fabrics
  • Remove small items, breakables, moisture-sensitive, and high value items from the area
  • Practice good personal hygiene after handling any affected items
  • Do not use a home vacuum or shop vac to remove water in order to avoid the chance of electrical shock
  • If the water leak or flood is sewage related or otherwise contaminated, do not handle any contaminated items and do not turn on fans, heating, or air conditioning as this can spread contamination

Emergency Water Removal

We are available 24 hours a day to provide emergency water removal and water damage restoration services.

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